24. Dec, 2020

Christmas 2020 and Closing of Blog

Happy Christmas to everybody who reads this and may 2021 bring the health we all seek during these difficult times both of COVID and of recovery from Benzodiazepine drugs.

I am well and will be closing this Blog for now perhaps for ever. Of course I am going to add my full and detailed success story in the future. I’m holding off for the time being to make sure I am not just experiencing another long window of respite! Things are different though so more when I’m sure as lots to say.

I will now use the time to update all other parts of my website and transfer some of the informative units that are held on my Facebook page, Beating Benzos. I want to get as much support and knowledge out there so everybody can learn from my experiences, from the experiences of others and from the limited research that does exist. In the meantime I hope everybody can have the best Christmas possible and may the New Year bring you, your families and friends much Health, Happiness and Healing.