Help! My doctor stopped prescribing my benzo. What to do....

This video Is an excellent description of how to deal with your doctor's lack of knowledge on tapering benzodiazepine drugs.

Useful Websites


These are sites that have helped and informed me during my withdrawal. A Google search will identify others. There are also many Blogs and YouTube videos some of which I've included at the end.

A full version of The Ashton Manual - Benzodiazepines: How They Work and How to Withdraw. This is considered 'the bible' for those withdrawing from these drugs and the result of research by Professor Heather Ashton.

The Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry. Its mission statement is, 'To reduce psychiatric harm by communicating the latest evidence to policy makers and practitioners by sharing the testimony of those who have been harmed and by supporting research into areas where evidence is lacking'. The CEP was launched in the House of Lords on 30/04/2014 and does much towards supporting benzodiazepine and antidepressant withdrawal in the UK. The site has links to newspaper articles and videos.

Various resources and links for those in withdrawal.

A comprehensive site with information on withdrawal from tranquillisers, Z drugs and antidepressants for sufferers, their families, doctors and caregivers. There is a most useful A to Z of withdrawal symptoms.

A forum with approximately 15,000 members from all over the world. It offers wonderful support for those in withdrawal and where friends are made. The help I received here really encouraged me through my worst days.

A Facebook site filled with hope and inspirational messages from Bliss Johns - herself a withdrawal survivor.

The Bristol Tranquilliser Project. An informative site on tranquilliser withdrawal that also provides useful phone support on Mondays to Thusdays. It's manned by volunteers who have suffered themselves.!scenario

Advice for doctors wanting to help patients withdraw from benzodiazepine and Z drugs.

Blogs and Videos

Although relating to antidepressants the explanation holds fast for benzo withdrawal as well.


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13.02.2021 10:14

Sylvia Vasquez

Could you please tell me which antibiotics are safe. I may have a bladder infection (UTI).

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Please join the Beating Benzos Facebook group where this is a lot of information in antibiotics and too long to write here. Thanks

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Sylvia Vasquez

What antibiotics are safe to take. Possible bladder infection