21. Aug, 2021

Tolerance v Anger

I’m sure many people will have experienced acute aggressive phases when recovering from benzos. You feel angry with everybody around you and may also hit out at those trying to support you.

When you have these feelings let time pass before you take any action as all too often once calm you can think more clearly and react in a more appropriate manner.

The emotions are in a turmoil and make you want to attack perhaps even those closest to you. Recognising this as yet another part of recovery is accepting the present situation and letting everything calm as it will.

Replace the anger with as much tolerance as you can muster! Breathe deeply if you feel hurt or wronged in any way, count slowly to ten and let the immediate reaction pass until you can think without emotion. All too often you realise that it was all a storm in a teacup and can be dealt with quietly and calmly.

The main message is not to do anything rashly and immediate which can cause you to do something you regret. Anger is part of recovery and you will learn to deal with it as symptoms calm over time.

Love and Healing ❤️