27. Aug, 2021

What Will Recovery Mean For You?

It’s a well known fact that keeping the brain in a more positive frame of mind can help recovery while bombarding it with anything triggering will ramp up anxiety and consequently symptoms can worsen. However, I appreciate that sometimes it is necessary to seek reassurance for the multitude of strange symptoms.

So What Will Recovery Mean for You?

Here’s my list and please think of your own as well.....

❣️The brain will be freed from the benzo fog and cognition can improve quite dramatically.

❣️Memory will improve and names will be easier to recall.

❣️Anxiety will become a thing of the past as you learn new ways to cope with this without a pill.

❣️Natural sleep will return which is more restorative than a drugged sleep.

❣️Your days will be freed from the need to take a pill to control your feelings and actions.

❣️You will have learnt a lot about yourself, how you react with other people and how to lead a better and more aware life.

❣️You will feel loads more compassion towards other people and be able to help in a more understanding way having suffered problems yourself.

❣️You will never blindly take any drug or even supplement without full research into the actions these have in your brain and body.

❣️As a consequence of the above you won’t allow yourself to be conditioned by any advertising you are subjected to in your country.

❣️You will feel and look younger!

❣️You may even live a longer life free from any threat of dementia.

❣️You will be able to socialise and go anywhere secure in your own mind and body.

❣️You will be stronger, happier, wiser, more alert, more confident..........

You are doing this and are already amazingly strong for starting out on the journey to free yourself.

With Love ❤️