9. Sep, 2022

This Too Shall Pass


The journey through recovery from benzos may not always be easy but it is doable. There are going to be moments when giving up feels like the only option. You feel hopeless and in utter despair and want something, anything to get you through them.

Always remember nothing lasts for ever. Everything in our lives is impermanent and eventually passes. Your withdrawal symptoms are transitory and maintaining a detachment from them helps them to pass.

In those bad times look for distraction don’t focus on those symptoms but on something outside of yourself such as music, funny TV programs, walking in nature if you can, a craft or anything that you enjoy. Less focus on what’s happening in your body and more on the world around you helps it all pass.

Talk yo your friends but don’t let your chats become symptom focussed. Anything at all that takes your mind away from what’s happening in your physical and emotional body will contribute to your healing. The symptoms are not something to fight with, they are a natural expression of your recovery through readjustment of your body and brain. Gradually, as they become less important to you, their severity will decline and this will all pass. ❤️