9. Sep, 2022

Lose Control

It’s very hard to get better if you insist that you remain in control. This leads to that futile search for more drugs, the elusive miracle supplement or herb and worst of all a return to those benzos or Z drugs. All this will only add further stress.

If you can give up trying to control those symptoms and let them play out for you your recovery may be faster and easier but, even if it isn’t, don’t lose faith in yourself and your body’s ability to heal. All the time you are tapering and then finally off you are recovering never forget this.

Of course if you have another medical condition some things may be inevitable and need dealing with but still learning coping skills and following healthy practices for diet and exercise gives your body and brain the best chance for early recovery.

Stay Strong, relinquish control, accept and surrender to the healing process that is happening for you.
Love and Healing ❤️