Please sign my guestbook and contact me by email if you wish to make further comments or ask any questions. I would love to hear from you. You may use a fictitious name if you prefer not to be identified.

Thank You, Rosalind at

11. Feb, 2021

Cheryl M

I am grateful for you and all these people

Thank you 🙏♥️🙂

28. Jun, 2020

Chad E Soard

Thank You Rosalind for Your this website and the the Facebook page!!! Your messages of hope have helped me all through my recovery.....God Bless!!!

8. Jun, 2020


Thank You for all this information and support. Also the facebook group. It helps me feel not so alienated. And reassures me I will get better with time.

28. Jan, 2020

M Chech

Thank you for telling your amazing story. <3

24. Oct, 2019


Thank you for this website. It offers so much positivity. I have found that many others ramp up my anxiety but here, I felt an empowerment and I wanted to say thank you. As I read your story and the other info, I imagined being a friend of yours and how
nice would that be to have such a wealth of knowledge, not to mention compassion. I feel very isolated in this journey, as most do I’m sure. Thank you.

7. Sep, 2019

Nancy Clay LaT

Dearest Rosalind, you and I are on a similar journey. (I'm, 64), I think I got off the drug about a year or so before you, October 2011...I am starting to feel almost normal after a cold turkey, around the 7 1/2 to 8 year mark. Man I feel so much better
than the first 6 years. I feel so lucky that I was always able to get out and about but it was a crazy journey that for 6 years I was crazily compelled to stay super busy by constantly being on the Run, socializing, gym, walking, visiting friends, window shopping,
binge shopping, Netflix, Amazon Prime, movies both at home and theater, and moving twice once from the west coast to the East Coast, Etc

Thank you so much for all that you do and just know that I try to help others on the group and give them hope. Hang on everybody you'll get healing under your belt....just stay the course.

19. Mar, 2019

MacKenzie Keating

Thank you so very much for sharing your journey. I could not stop reading it. I am amazed at your strength and tenacity. I love your website and will be back often. Much love and respect.

20. Jan, 2019


Hi Rosalind wow what a journey you have been on. I have been on mine for only 3 years on Klon and find it hard as I get lower in my taper. Your site gives me hope. I am also in your group on FB and you and David have been a god send for me. Keep up the
great support

5. Jan, 2019


In my 70s stopped benzos1 yr ago after 34 years Ativan then diazepam.was prescribed an antipsychotic 14 yrs ago came off 2 months ago. Now having bad setback. Extreme anxiety

Website 19. Dec, 2018


Excellent jobbbbbbb.

Website 3. Nov, 2018

Gemma McIntyre

Amazing site:)

9. Aug, 2018

Michele Schafer

I need help tapering from Ativan.

Website 28. Feb, 2018


Excellent website. It proved helpful to me!

Website 15. Feb, 2018


The information on this site is incredible and so helpful to anyone. It is changing the way I perceive others, giving me confidence and gives me more meaning with all human interaction. Also, there is information on here for lifetimes with different and
interesting topics/subject that all intertwine and support each other.

just have a look at

29. Nov, 2017


Thank you for all you do. What you have come through is a blessing in disguise because it’s helping a lot of people!

26. Aug, 2017

Orion Seabold

I am coming to the end of a year of treatment for Xanax dependence. I say end because I have been on a stable taper plan for several weeks and have "cracked the code" of my personal battle with benzos. I have found a holistic approach that combines prudent
medication management with my psychiatrist, diet, exercise, meditation and pre/probiotics that have been clinically proven to assist the brain with GABA function. I have been feeling moved to share my research and experiences and hope to help others on this

20. Aug, 2017

Rose Maher

Rosalind, I just joined your Facebook group. I'm a real novice at Facebook so I'll have learn how to use it. I think maybe it could help me. I'm in a very awful situation now, and maybe others have ideas that I haven't considered. Anyway, please bear with

Website 17. Aug, 2017

Vina Jones

Your website is a credit to you. Stunning photos as well.

Website 3. Aug, 2017


It was an incredible week, my wife and myself really enjoyed your place. Warm and welcoming!

Website 28. Jul, 2017


I continue accupuncture and do meditation, yoga and qi gong daily for support. I'm not fully recovered from the concussion but getting there.

Website 3. Jul, 2017


I discovered many new things from your website. Thank you for this!

Website 28. Mar, 2017


Excellent website. It proved helpful to me!

2. Mar, 2017


Yes Dennis. I'm able to take Propranolol as a one off to calm the fast heart rate but when taken relularly at 10 or 20mg, divided dose twice a day, I had a bad reaction with headaches, breathing difficulties and unable to function as so tired. I had to
stop it completely.

Website 2. Mar, 2017

Dennis Amott

I am just on the point of trying Propranolol to gain some overall muscle/nerve relaxant during my now 3 1/2 yr withdrawal attempt. Would you be so kind as to explain your comment "..recently prescribed a continuous dose of Propranolol .... I couldn’t tolerate
this ..." I am just trying to make sure this drug does not have hidden side effects etc. Thanks Dennis

19. Jan, 2017


Hi Don I just saw one of your videos and decided to look up your website. You have so much information. There are so many of us going thru benzo struggles.

I've been on 15 mg flurazepam since April 2016 and have been tapering since July 2016. I'm hoping when I get to where I stop it I won't have to hard of a time. My husband of 34 years passed away last August and he was helping me with my taper so now I'm determined
to finish this on my own. It's hard without his support. Thank you for the website!

15. Nov, 2016


Having such a hard time... a breath of relief to find this page. Thank you for what you're doing.

13. Nov, 2016


Fantastic site with so much good information. I'm a carer for my Mum who's going through all this. Thanks Rosalind

Website 24. Sep, 2016


Your site is great.

30. Aug, 2016


I'm pleased Marisa and hope it can help you a little.

Website 30. Aug, 2016


Boa! Eu posso descobri muitas coisas novas a partir do seu site.

10. Aug, 2016


I'm 36 months off a difficult withdrawal from Ativan. I've been in hell like you Rosalind. Thanks for your support and I want to reassure other sufferers that it gets better and none of the horrible symptoms are permanent. I'm 100% normal again. xx

Website 8. Aug, 2016


Thanks for your sharing! I discovered many new things from your website.

17. Jul, 2016


Welcome Jade and I hope this website has helped you a little. I've replied to your message at

Website 17. Jul, 2016


Hi there I have been on diazapam for five years after a huge trauma iny life and am on 1mg from thirty a day and am finding it hard for the last step of it is there any advice any oNE can give me as I am scared of withdrawal many thanks jade

18. Jun, 2016


Welcome John and please don't feel you have to share your story but I'm happy to hear from you anytime by email.

Website 31. May, 2016

John Devendorf

Hello, Thank you for sharing your story and providing hope and light along the way, etc. I am just here to sign the Guestbook now. Not ready to share more. I referred here from a FB group which I just clicked on and requested membership. Thank you again.
OH, btw - my email is unreliable right now, as my e-mail provider (?) is not working right. Hope to have a new one soon. It works sometimes. Also, do people leave last names here? If not, feel free to erase mine. Thanks! ;-)

5. Feb, 2016


Just found your website. I was given ativan 1 mg for sleep after a concussion. I took it for 7 weeks most days. I decided to try accupuncture and it helped so I quit the ativan. Two days later began not feeling well. Saw my dr. and she said I needed to
taper. By then I had been off 7 days.

I went home and cut my 0.5mg pills in half. I have been taking 0.25mg once daily. I want to make another cut after 21 days.

I continue accupuncture and do meditation, yoga and qi gong daily for support. I'm not fully recovered from the concussion but getting there.

I'm encouraged by the success stories and information.

Thank you for your wonderful work.


Website 22. Jan, 2016


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Website 20. Dec, 2015


The BBC radio5 live program sadly missed the point that it's our doctors that cause dependence on Benzos. Very disappointing and did little to raise awareness. Email me with any comments on this.

11. Oct, 2015


Dear Sally, It sounds as if she's in an acute withdrawal from her drugs and yes, I've heard of this happening before. Please email me if you have any further questions.

8. Sep, 2015

Sylvia Carpenter

Have a friend on 4mg. kolonipin 4 x a day for years, also 450 mg Effoxer a day plus other meds. Just finished tapering very slowly off the kolonipin. Has been hospitalized for the last two weeks. Can not stand or walk and uncontrolable hand movements.
Have you ever seen this happen to anyone?

4. Sep, 2015


I'm recovering yaaaaa! it's happens everyone here, please believe it. It's taken time, three years for me but slowly and surely it has all eased up over this time. Thanks you for this Blog as it helped me in the bad times.

4. Aug, 2015


Dear Arnold I'm so please you've found my Blog. I know you're almost as far off as me and still suffering. I hope you can find some hope here. It's wonderful to feel almost normal again and I know it will happen for you so please keep believing. My love
to you.

4. Aug, 2015


I am a good facebook friend of Nina Evans,who lives in the UK . She is one of 5 close friends i text daily with.We both are having severe symptoms,and i try to find articles and posts that are positive and underline that " everyone gets better" but its
not easy when i am doubting if i will ever get better. Thaks for responding to my post and the link to your blog and i read it just now.

4. Aug, 2015


Rosalind, you are one tough woman! You are my hero! Thank you for writing this blog and I suggest you write a book for all of us who are suffering as well. You have a very logical and direct writing style and can reach many.

2. Jul, 2015

Rosalind 💕

Dear Karen thank you for your very kind words and what a lovely pic of you.👍

I sincerely hope we are going to meet as I have every intention of making Montana one of these days.

2. Jul, 2015

Karen Marie Jahns

Wonderful site, dearest Ros. I love coming here although it is painful to read of the suffering of others. We well know how that goes. Thank you for this place to come and thank you for the lovely support and love you have given me for the past year and
half. You have become a dear friend and although we may never meet, you will always have a special place in my heart.💕

28. Jun, 2015

Joy Harvey

Hello Rosalind, thank you so much for your email which was reassuring. I`m in a horrible wave so hope to pass the time catching up on all of your wonderful website.

19. Jun, 2015

Fiona French

You are doing a great job. Wishing you well in your recovery and in the fight against benzos.

17. Jun, 2015


I'm working hard Claudia and want to see change in my lifetime to make all this sorry mess I've suffered worthwhile. There's lots going on. Please sign the petition if you haven't done so already. The link is at the bottom of my Home page here. With Love,
Rosalind ❤️

17. Jun, 2015

Claudia Kootbaully

Hello Rosalind, I'm so impressed , what a competent job you are doing, thank you. We know each other,my raw cold turkey recovery is still not over and I'm going into my 32nd months. Never thought this could happen to me, because I took it for insomnia
due to night-shifts at the airport. GP is clueless and I'm quite angry. We must warn people about the dangers of Benzos, they are destroying people's lives all over the world. Our next generation shouldn't suffer...thank

28. May, 2015


Hello. I have tapered off 8mg of Klonipun by crossing to Valium (Ashton protocol) the slow taper allowed me to jump off at 1 mg and after 30 days I was sx free. Mine is a happy ending - that began with a horror into hell over 15 years. I made it back-
if anyone needs encouragement. Not easy but done.

5. May, 2015


Hi Rosalind..... am with you all the way regards ' Benzo scandal' blog 5. Something has to change, seems it's becoming some sort of epidemic !

Warm wishes, Tanya.

20. Apr, 2015


Hello Beating Benzos, I'm very inspired by the Blog posts here and want to say Thank you. I'm also feeling recovery at last from a bad protracted withdrawal of 3 years. Good Luck to everyone here, we get better but takes a long time.

3. Apr, 2015


It seems you can only be added if you're a friend of someone in the group. I've added you now.

3. Apr, 2015


I will check now Campbell and get back to you.

Website 3. Apr, 2015


Hi Rosalind,

I would love to join your FB group, Beating Benzos, but it does not appear in a search. Can you advise? Thank you! :)

21. Mar, 2015


Thanks for being there Rosalind and making sense of all this.

15. Feb, 2015


Thanks Lynn and well done for tapering. Good Luck you can make it.

15. Feb, 2015


Hello Rosalind,

I'm thrilled to have found your blog! What a wonderful and insightful place to reflect and gain strenght. I am familiar with the idea of people helping others by their own experience and I'm am looking forward to reading and gaining knowledge through your own
journey as I read through your blog and links.

I'm am 56 coming off 1-2mg of lorazapam daily, depending on the day, I am tapering. I tried cold turkey, as I really had NO IDEA what I had gotten myself into over the last three years. Cold turkey!! Not for me.

I started the taper January 2, 2015, so early days.

Thank you again

13. Feb, 2015


Dear Theresa, I didn't taper I stopped the drug 'cold turkey'. The Withdrawal Madness' pages will tell you more of this. It's much better and safer to taper but nobody can tell you how long your withdrawal will last after you finish. We're all different.
Please email if I can help any more. You will be well so keep positive.

13. Feb, 2015


I'm tapering off valium, was on ativan 13 years.

I'm at 4.35 mgs, long did your taper last? I'm having sxs all the way down. I cut every two weeks.. It's been a year now, I have 6 months before I'm off. Will I have problems after too.?

I'm 62, scared. I go to benzobuddies too.

1. Dec, 2014



Six years of being prescribed Klonopin, 2-1/2 years of trying to come off of it, 6 month CT: 8 days ……………..

1. Dec, 2014


Dear Robert, I've added your story to 'Other Benzo Stories'. Thank you. You are very brave and will be well again.

30. Nov, 2014


Hi Liz, Sorry I don't speak Italian so can't read your Blog but please email me if I can help you any further.

Website 30. Nov, 2014


Hi, I'm on phase 10 of the Clonazepam program 10 of Ashton and I feel like caca. I live in Italy and have started a blog in Italian because there are no resources here AT ALL.

I'm in MAJOR cog fog (I just saw that term on this website LOL and I like it. I'm blathering like an idiot, sorry, but I'm glad I found this site.

22. Aug, 2014


Need I say how important you are in my life. You are my encourager when I fall, my uplifter when I have a wonderful window and now with this webstite you are reaching out to others suffering as you .

2. Aug, 2014

Mark Euler

A "quick note" of appreciation to Rosalind for her efforts.....a "long lasting" impression of courage and compassion.....thank you!

31. Jul, 2014

Debbie Schwab

Thanks for your website. It helps to know that there are others out there just like me suffering from Benzo withdrawals.