19. Dec, 2014

Keeping Strong


Another quick update as Christmas fast approaches. I want to give everyone a link to this video on Youtube. Lisa puts the chemical anxiety attacks so clearly and her experience is very similar to my own.


Please don't watch if you're likely to be upset by her honest description. Also remember this process is different for all of us and some never even experience the anxiety surges but have a more depressive reaction.


I continue to ride stormy waters but am managing to keep my head afloat. Once again I feel this may well be the Grand Finale. Even if it's not the thought keeps me going and keeps my battered brain in positive mode. It is essential to send ourselves constant positive thoughts and images. It's all to easy to be sucked under by a bad wave and start fighting whatever it throws at us. We must not forget to be AWARE until the worst symptoms pass. We can do this. Our bodies and brains are strong and capable of amazing things. For now I am letting the storm pass knowing this is my healing journey.